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New Features

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    Performance enhancement for 1st time page loads Your first web visitor of the day may have previously experienced long page loads due to the application compiling all of the templates in order to cache them.

    A new performance enhancement now means the previously cached page is loaded - quickly - improving site speed and customer experience. 

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    Back in stock notification email template The template for Back In Stock email notifications has been updated and is now available in the CMS. 

    No more need to deal with razor code and legacy content editors! Now you can customise this email template with configurable widgets, just like the other email templates in the CMS. 

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    Enhanced flexibility for product variant styling — We've just made it easier to customise the look and feel of the product variant selectors on your website. New class names for each product option type means we can target them in stylesheets to style them as per your site design. 
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    Fraud prevention - payment retry limits — New functionality for credit card payments now allows you to limit the number of payment attempts per order.  Users making multiple failed payments will be locked out from further attempts for a specified period.

    This can reduce charge-backs due to stolen credit cards and fraudulent transactions. 

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    RRP display for product variants — A new option has been added to the 'Product Variant List widget' that allows retailers and registered buyers to view the RRP of each child product in a list, while hiding the RRP from the guest user.
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    Razor template caching for lightning fast restarts — Automatic DLL loading of razor templates is a fancy way of saying that website razor templates are now cached for faster site restarts.

    Pre-compiled templates are stored in memory for quick loading whenever a site needs to be restarted (such as after upgrades and server maintenance). Any time a template is updated it gets automatically re-cached so that files are always up-to-date.

    An additional benefit for sites hosted in Azure, which have auto-scaling enabled, this will now too allow for the scaling to complete faster..


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    Google Lighthouse - Meta Description Validation We have fixed the issue where the meta description tag was positioned too far down in the head template, causing the site to fail the Google Lighthouse SEO validation and performance tests.

    The meta description tag contributes to your site’s search engine optimisation in that an attention-grabbing meta description can significantly increase the click-through rate to your website, which results in more traffic to your site, equating to potentially more customers.

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    Special characters in username preventing login — Customers with usernames containing special characters (I'm looking at you, Michael O'Dell) reported some problems logging in. This has now been resolved and names with apostrophes are welcome once more.
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    Search within Category for multiple locations — Previously, searching for a product within a category might fail to return expected results when products were located in more than one category. This has now been corrected and products are included in search results for all categories they reside in.

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