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New Features

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    Razor template caching for lightning fast restarts — Automatic DLL loading of razor templates is a fancy way of saying that website razor templates are now cached for faster site restarts.

    Pre-compiled templates are stored in memory for quick loading whenever a site needs to be restarted (such as after upgrades and server maintenance). Any time a template is updated it gets automatically re-cached so that files are always up-to-date.

    An additional benefit for sites hosted in Azure, which have auto-scaling enabled, this will now too allow for the scaling to complete faster..


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    Special characters in username preventing login — Customers with usernames containing special characters (I'm looking at you, Michael O'Dell) reported some problems logging in. This has now been resolved and names with apostrophes are welcome once more.
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    Search within Category for multiple locations — Previously, searching for a product within a category might fail to return expected results when products were located in more than one category. This has now been corrected and products are included in search results for all categories they reside in.

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