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Ribbons are an eye-catching way to highlight specific products to users browsing your site. BPD includes several ribbons out of the box, as well as the ability and the facility for you to upload your own ribbon images for use on products throughout your site.

This guide will show you how to: 

  1. Enable enable Ribbon Maintenance on your BPD siteAssign
  2. maintain Ribbon Flags, including creating and uploading your own
  3. assign a Ribbon to a ProductUpload your own Ribbon image.  

Step-by-step guides



Enable Ribbon


Flag maintenance

Ribbon flags are a feature added over a product image. To maintain and add ribbon flags, Product Maintenance must be enabled.  

  1. In the CMS, navigate to SettingsFeature ManagementProduct Maintenance

  2. Toggle on Product Maintenance, then click Configure.

  3. In the 'Product Maintenance Settings' screen, scroll down 'Feature Options' and tick Enable Maintenance of Ribbon Flag' is ticked
    Verify that the Image Added

    The Ribbon Flag Options section now appears on in the pagescreen, with the default BPD ribbons loaded. 
    Image Removed Click 'Save'.


  1. Image Added 

  2. To save your settings, click Save or Save & Exit. If you want to maintain ribbon flags, proceed to Step 2.

2. Maintain Ribbon Flags

Once the Ribbon Flag feature is enabled, you can add and delete the set of flags available for selection when maintaining individual products in Product Maintenance.   

titleCreating your own flag

Any custom ribbon flags you want to add need to have been created first.

The following sample ribbon image (*.psd) and font can be downloaded to ensure your ribbon flags have a consistent look-and-feel with BPD ones: 

View file
View file


To add a ribbon flag,

  1. Go to the Add Ribbon Flag Option section.

  2. In New Ribbon Flag Name, enter a meaningful name for the new Ribbon Flag.

  3. In New Ribbon Alt Description, enter a meaningful description for the flag. 
  4. In New Ribbon Filename, click Select or Upload Image
    Image Added

  5. Click Upload to add a new image from your device.
    Image Added 
  6. Click Insert to complete the upload. The selected ribbon image and file name are now displayed.
  7. Remember to click Save at the top of the page to save your newly added ribbon.

The new ribbon will now appear in the Product Maintenance screen, ready to assign to product images.

titleDeleting a Ribbon Flag

To delete a ribbon flag, just tick Delete next to the flag. When you next click 'Save', it will be removed.
Image Added

3. Assign a Ribbon to a Product

  1. In the CMS, navigate to Products & Categories --> Product Maintenance

  2. Search for the required product and click 'Edit'.

  3. In the Product Information section, locate the Ribbon Flag dropdown selector. 

  4. Select the required ribbon for the product. 

  5. Set a Ribbon Expiry Date, if required. On this date, the ribbon will be cleared from the product. (from version 3.84+)
  6. Click 'Save'.

  7. View the product on your website in another browser (or incognito window) to verify the ribbon appears correctly. 
    Image Removed 

3. To Upload a New Ribbon image: 

  1. In the CMS, navigate to Settings --> Feature Management
  2. Configure the Online Product Maintenance feature.
  3. In the Ribbon Flag Options section, enter a name for the new Ribbon.
  4. Click 'Select or Upload Image'. 
    Image Removed
  5. Select the required image file from the folder, or click '+Upload' to add a new one. 
  6. Highlight the required file and click 'Select'. 
    Image Removed
  7. The selected ribbon image should now be displayed, along with the name you entered. 
  8. Click the 'Add Ribbon' button. 
  9. The new ribbon should appear in the list, with the ribbon name and image file name displayed. 
    Image Removed
  10. Click 'Save' at the top of the page to save your newly added ribbon.


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