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  1. In the CMS, navigate to Settings → Store Locator.

  2. Search for the required store or click Search to display all current records.

  3. Select the required store record to see the store's details.

  4. Click Modify.

  5. Edit the fields as required.  

  6. To save your settings, click OK.

  7. IMPORTANT - Location names and warehouse codes are used in routing to relevant pages, e.g., when a customer clicks on a store location for more information. Routing paths your site uses are saved. They are automatically checked and updated in a scheduled task run nightly, Until the next scheduled task run, changed location details will result in an error when the route is usedrouting to the location's page, since the stored path does not match them any longerhas not yet been updated. To ensure routing paths are updated immediately, you can manually run the re-register route procedure. 

    titleRe-register Route Procedure Manually

    To manually run the re-register routes procedure,

    1. In the CMS, navigate to SettingsSEO Generation (or while logged into your website Settings → SEO orPage Routes (zSearchEngineOptimisationMaintenance)'.

    2. Select the URL Routing tab. 

    3. Click the Re-register Routes option.