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The Customer Self Service eCommerce Platform allows Admin to add and manage store and warehouse locations, and enable them for use for pickup and product availability.  

Please note that the Store Pickup functionality is not compatible with Live Freight. If your BPD site uses Live Freight and you are interested in implementing Store Pickup functionality, please contact us to discuss customisation options.

Need a more complex warehouse/store location solution?

An advanced location solution can also be implemented on your site where distribution warehouses can be used to show availability in accordance with product availability rules. Let's say a business has stores, store warehouses and also regional distribution warehouses. The system can be configured so that distribution warehouses can also be set as an alternate location to the store and store warehouse, e.g., for stock availability reasons. Advanced options require consultation with Commerce Vision

Step-by-step guide

This guide details how to set up a new Store Location and maintain existing locations for sites on our Best Practice Design (BPD) websites once Store Locator is enabled and configured. 

See the guide to Pickup - Click & ColIect to configure Pickup on your website. If you're implementing Store Pickup functionality for the first time, contact us to verify your site's pickup availability calculation is correct.

Our Support Team may need to enable a flag that instructs your site to calculate stock availability based only on the User's store (rather than all warehouses) when the products in their cart are set for pickup. 

Create a New Store Location

  1. In the CMS, navigate to Settings → Store Locator Maintenance.

  2. Select the Store Locator tab. Records of each existing location are displayed. 

  3. Click New.

  4. Tick Active if this location is to be visible on your site.
  5. Enter the Store Name, Address, and contact fields. 

  6. In Latitude and Longitude, enter accurate values for this site. TIP: this site may be helpful -

  7. In Warehouse Code, enter the code used for this location (as in your ERP).

  8. In Shipping Lead Time, enter the number of days required to process and ship an order from this location from when it is submitted.

  9. (Optional) Tick Is Pick-up Enabled to enable this location for Click & Collect. If this is ticked, the location will be available for selection by customers. This information will also integrate to the PRONTO 'StoreLocation' table for the Warehouse Code/Store Location.

  10. (Optional) The Store Name For Pickup Click And Collect provides an alternate pickup location, e.g., a warehouse, to this one (e.g., if it is suitable for pickup). This alternate location can be configured to default instead of the store location. Talk to Commerce Vision for implementation details.)

  11. (Optional) The Click And Collect Product Availability Buffer is a product buffer value specific to this warehouse and overrides the value in System Settings. The buffer adds a safety net to the availability logic, e.g., to account for stocktake errors. The value is subtracted from the available quantity.
  12. To save the store location, click OK

Maintain Warehouse / Store Locations

  1. In the CMS, navigate to Settings → Store Locator Maintenance.

  2. Search for the required store or click Search to display all current records.

  3. Select the required store record to see the store's details.

  4. Click Modify.

  5. Edit the fields as required.  

  6. To save your settings, click OK.

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