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This article details the steps required to implement the Lucene search engine.

Each of the steps up to 'Advanced Set-up' are required for Lucene search to operate.

Details of the steps are as follows:

Define the Index Fields

Lucene search must have a search index created to operate.
The first step in creating an index is to define the index fields.
Follow the guide for this step here Setting Up Lucene Index Fields.

Default Setting Values

For a fast start, we recommend the following setting values which can be configured on the 'Index Settings' tab of the 'Lucene Search Settings' Administration page.




Leave off until the index is created (see below)

Enable Product Boost


Enable Boost Words

On (will not have any impact until boost words are defined)

All other flags are not relevant for a fast start (as they relate to product boost which is turned off).

Create the Index

Go to the "Indexing" tab of the Lucene Settings page and Reindex the search database. It is not necessary to tick the "Recreate Index" field, as the index will automatically be created if it does not exist. For more information on this process, see Building Or Rebuilding the Lucene Search Index.

Select the Roles for Testing

Go to the "Role Settings" page and enable some roles for testing purposes. Initially this can just be the "Administrator" role so that testing can be done through the "tools" section of Lucene Administration.

Enable the Search Engine

Go to the "Index Settings" tab and set the "Enabled" flag". This will pass product search request for the enabled roles through the Lucene Search engine.

Perform Some Tests

Test some product searches using the "Tools" tab in the Lucene Administration page, or through the product search pages of a role enabled for Lucene search.

The Tools section allows you to analyse search result scores and raw Lucene search output. See the Lucene Search Tools page for more information on the search tools.

Go Live - Enable all roles

Once you are happy with the search results, enable Lucene search for other roles.

Advanced Set-up

The following steps are not essential to using Lucene, but will give your customers a better search experience if you spend the time setting them up.

  • Product Boost
  • Boost Words
  • Query and Index Translations
  • Did You Mean search suggestions
  • Adding Lucene Tokens to your Product Search Templates