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Relevant product suggestions are a great way to help your customers find what they need. Whether it's the correct light bulb for the lamp they're buying, or a newer model of the power tool they're viewing, you can increase sales and improve the customer experience by offering alternate & accessory product suggestions.

This practice is also known as cross selling and up selling, and this article will show you how to do it.

1. Maintaining Product Data

There are 2 ways to maintain alternate & accessory data for your products - via the CMS, or in PRONTO. Each method is outlined below.

CMS Maintenance

If you choose to maintain alternate and accessory data in the CMS, you need to first ensure that the option is enabled for your site:

  1. Navigate to Settings → Feature Management.

  2. Search for the Product Maintenance feature and click Configure.

  3. Tick the boxes to Enable Maintenance of Product Accessories and Enable Maintenance of Product Alternates and Save.

    Before you begin, contact CV to have us check that alternate/accessory integration has been properly disabled for your site. Otherwise you may find that you maintain data in the CMS and it gets mistakenly overwritten by the integrator.

Now you're ready to edit a product: 

  1. Navigate to Products & Categories → Product Maintenance

  2. Search for and Edit the product you wish to add alternates/accessories to. 

  3. Scroll to the Accessories or Alternates section as required. 

  4. Enter a product code or description in the input box, and select the correct product from the dropdown. 

  5. Click Add Accessory (or 'Add Alternate', depending on the type of product you're adding).

  6. Repeat as necessary for additional accessories and alternates. 

  7. Save or Save & Exit at the top of the page. 

PRONTO Maintenance

If you maintain the bulk of your product data in the ERP, here's where you can find Alternate & Accessory maintenance in PRONTO:

  1. In PRONTO, navigate to 'Web Site Category / Product Maintenance' → 'Stockcode Review'.

  2. Click 'Find' to search for a product by stockcode.

  3. With the required product highlighted, click 'Acc' (Accessories) or 'XSell' (Alternates).

  4. Add an accessory or alternate to the product by clicking 'Entry' and entering the product code.

  5. Repeat the above steps as required for additional accessories and alternates.
  6. Use the ESC key to back out of product edit mode and save changes. 


To push your PRONTO changes to the web, you'll need to login to the Integrator:

  • to integrate Alternates, click send Changed for 'Product Master & Pricing'.
  • to integrate Accessories, click send All for 'Product Notes'.

2. Displaying this content on the web

Add the Cross Sell / Up Sell Widget to your product detail template to display these product suggestions to the end user as they browse your site. 

(If a particular product has no alternate or accessory products loaded against it, the widget will simply not display on the page for that product.) 

  1. Navigate to Content → Standard Pages

  2. Search for and Edit the Product Detail template.

  3. Locate the best placement for this content (in our case it was Zone:Bottom), and click Add Widget

  4. Search for and select the Cross Sell /Up Sell widget and click Add

  5. Edit the widget and select either Cross Sell (accessories) or Up Sell (alternates) from the dropdown. 

  6. Configure other options as required and click Save

  7. If you'd like to display both alternates AND accessories on the product detail page, repeat steps 3 - 6, this time selecting the other option from the 'Cross Sell or Up Sell' dropdown.
    This will result in having 2 widgets on the one template.

Load your website in another browser (or incognito window) to see your changes in effect! 

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