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Some product categories require special treatment. If you've got a group of products that are a bit different from the rest, you might wish to display them in a completely different format. With customisable category templates, you can! 

Note - A recent CMS upgrade has now made this feature available to everyone. Previously, this functionality only worked if you maintained your categories online (rather than in your ERP), but this restriction is no longer!

Once you enable the Category Template Override feature in the CMS, you're free to override the default template for any product category. You can display different content, alternative widgets, even a customised layout.

Standard Category TemplateCustomised Category Template


In order to take advantage of the Category Template Override feature, you'll need to be on version 3.99+.

If you can't enable the feature in SettingsFeature Management we'll need to make it available to you. Contact our Support Team for assistance with this.


Overriding a Category Template

  1. In the CMS, navigate to Products & Categories → Category Maintenance

  2. Select the category you want a custom template for (drill down to child categories if required), and click Edit

  3. Hover on the Options menu and select Manage Template

  4. A popup will open. You can choose between two options:

    1. Select a template from the list of master / unused templates. Master templates are identified with a star icon.  

    2. Create a new template by copying from an existing one. You can nominate your new template as a 'Master' if you think you'd like to use it across multiple categories.

  5. Your new template assignment will be automatically saved against the category. 

  6. To edit the template, simply click the template name


Accessing your Category Templates

Once the feature is enabled, a new Category Templates page will appear under the Content menu.

All of the category templates you've created will appear here, as well as the default Product List Template for your site. 

Unassigned templates will appear in the bottom tab, and you'll see that the Options column allows you to either design or delete these. Only unused templates can be deleted. 

(If you assign one of these templates to a category, it will move out of the 'Unassigned' group and into the relevant category tab.)


You can always use the Search function to find the template you want, instantly.