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Kit items are defined in the ERP by an Item Type 'K' and a Bill Of Materials (BOM). The BOM is the list of all the items which make up that kit. It's often beneficial to list the components of a kit on your website, especially if they are not detailed in the product description. A Kit Component Display widget is available to list the components / BOM on the product detail page. This guide details its implementation. 


Step-by-step guide 

  1. Login to the CMS. 
  2. Navigate to Content --> Standard Pages
  3. Select the Product Detail template.
  4. Locate the appropriate zone (based on your layout), and click 'Add Widget'
  5. Search for the 'Kit Component Display' widget and click 'Add Widget'.
  6. Click 'Edit' on the widget you just added. 
  7. Toggle options on/off and update column headings as required. Fields are documented here, and are initially set to their default values.

  8. Click 'Save'
  9. In another browser or incognito window, launch your website. 
  10. Navigate to a kit product and verify that the components are listed and displaying as expected.


Congratulations - your Kit Component Display widget is now implemented!

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