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If your website is running version 4.02+, you now have the option to customise your rich snippets with our new Enhanced Rich Snippet feature.

Rich snippets are already available for products on BPD websites, allowing search engines to display additional product data in search results such as price, average rating, and number of reviews.


But with enhanced rich snippets, you can display additional properties, or control how existing properties are displayed. 

How to use it

In your site's Analytics feature settings page (SettingsFeature Management) you'll see a new option to enable Enhanced Rich Snippets. 

Enabling this will open a code editor input field, where your custom code can be entered. 

It's here that you can specify additional product data to be displayed by search engines, such as:

  • Availability
  • Currency Code
  • Product image
  • GST  

A full list of product data properties can be found here -

If you're implementing Enhanced Rich Snippets yourself, it's a good idea to test your code here - 


Using Google's data testing tool, you can paste in your code and validate it to see how it's translated into product properties. If there are errors or warnings, you can adjust your markup and try again. 

Not sure how to write json and razor code for your snippets? No worries, just contact us for assistance!