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Have you ever been editing a widget and wondered what a particular setting was for? Well you don't have to wonder anymore!

With our recent CMS upgrade, every widget now has a Documentation tab where you can view all of the widget's information. (The only exceptions are custom widgets, which are unique to your site.)

The Documentation tab tells you: 

  • What the widget is for
  • What it looks like in use
  • Where it can be placed 
  • What the options mean, including default values and version requirements

It's the same documentation you'll find here on CV Connect, but now you don't have to leave the widget to view it!  Check it out: 


As part of this enhancement, we've also expanded the amount of content we display in the 'Add New Widget' pop-up window.

Instead of just a preview and a link to the CV Connect page, we're now including the whole widget document right there. 



We're hoping this enhancement makes your job just that little bit easier.