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Some products have a LOT of metadata. Sure, it's valuable information that needs to be displayed in some scenarios, but it might not make sense in others. 

For instance, you may have product information that would be great to show customers in Product Compare, but it's not something you want cluttering up the Filter on your product list pages. 

In these scenarios, you can flag metadata to be used only where you want it. 


To use this function, you need to have Product Features (CMS Metadata maintenance) enabled for your website. If you don't see it on your CMS menu, contact us to switch it on for you.


How To

  1. In the CMS, navigate to Products & Categories → Product Features.

  2. Locate the feature you wish to update and click Edit

  3. Toggle options on / off as required. Options are explained below. 

      • Include in Metadata Summary 
        Displays the feature in the 'Filter By' section of the product list page

      • Include in Technical Specification Widget 
        Displays the feature in the Technical Specifications section of the product detail page (where the Technical Specifications widget is used)

      • Include in Product Comparison  
        Displays the feature in the Product Compare grid

  4. Save your changes.


From version 3.96+, there is also the option to Display as Numeric Slider. This will render numeric metadata as a sliding filter that the user can adjust.