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CSS has a wide variety of capabilities when it comes to charging freight. This articles describes at a high level what the application can do. Contact Commerce Vision for more information on any of these functions. 

Standard Freight 

  • Allows for unlimited carriers to be defined.
  • For each carrier, unlimited charging zones can be set up. A charging zone contains a start and end postcode within a country.
  • Minimum weight allowed
  • Maximum weight allowed
  • Maximum volume allowed
  • Order Limit for no charge - this defines the value the customer needs to buy before they get free freight
  • Start and End Order Value range - this is useful when it is required to have different freight amounts based on dollar value (handy where weight is not defined on products)
  • Volume to weight conversion
  • Track and Trace URL
  • Calculation of freight can be done using (base $ + $ / kg) OR % of Order total

Region Freight

  • Allows for a rule to be set up that can be assigned to a debtor (normally B2B only). it is linked to the debtors delivery sequence which is maintained in PRONTO
  • Allows for start and end order values
  • Calculation of freight is either a flat $ charge OR % of order value
  • Supports product group exclusions or inclusions
  • See our Region Freight article for more information

Product Type Freight

  • Works with Standard freight
  • Allows for product types to be defined to handle bulky products (e.g. Trampolines)
  • Overrides standard freight for those items

Other Features

  • Allow for store pick up
  • Allow for own couriers
  • Allow for quoting when no freight zone
  • Define charge types
  • Product Delivery restrictions (product vs postcode or country)
  • Live freight call to PRONTO

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