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New Features

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    Hiding the stock code on master products — A new option has been added to the Product Field widget (Hide Product Code for Master Product?). When the widget is set to display the Product Code, and the product is a master (i.e. has variants / child products), this option hides the product code.

    This prevents end users getting confused when they see one product code on the detail page, but another after they select variants and add the product to cart.

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    Quantity in Cart widget display — A new option has been added to the Quantity in Cart widget, allowing you to display it even against products where the user has none in their cart. The default behaviour is still to display the widget only when the user has one or more of a product in their cart.




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    Resequencing order template lines - mobile — Some mobile device users were experiencing problems trying to resequence their order template lines. The dropdown selector was not displaying sequence options. This has now been fixed.




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