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New Features

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    New Click & Collect setting for negative stock — A new system flag has been created for Click & Collect stock availability calculations. Where before, when availability was calculated from all warehouses, any with negative stock values would be deducted from the total, skewing the availability.

    The new 'Include Warehouses With Negative Stock' flag can now be disabled, causing any negative values to be ignored.




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    Blank Approval Limits to be ignored — Sites on earlier versions (who were using advanced order approvals) reported issues for users who had no approval limits set. Instead of allowing these users to place orders normally, the system was treating blank limits as zeros and asking for order approval.

    This issue has now been fixed; where users have no limits set, the system will essentially ignore the approval requirement and let the user proceed to order.

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    Gift cards with PayPal — During PayPal checkout, some CSS websites communicate line item amounts to PayPal rather than whole order totals (depending on configuration). In certain scenarios, where the end user combined a Gift card with PayPal payment at checkout, the gift card amount was not being removed from the balance and PayPal would would debit the total amount. This issue has now been fixed.
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    Order Templates not obeying changed QTY — In certain versions, customers were experiencing an issue with adding items to their cart from an Order Template. Where the user had adjusted or zeroed out quantities, the original amounts were still being added to the cart. This has now been fixed.




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