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New Features

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    New email templates for Account Payments — New email templates have been created for BPD sites, to be sent when users pay invoices online. The new templates are widget based and the content can be customised, unlike the old system-generated emails.
    • Account Payment Email
    • BPAY Account Payment Email
    • Credit Card Account Payment Email

    (An EFT Account Payment Email template is already available from version 4.00.)

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    Fast Order Entry - excluding restricted products — A new option has been added to the Cart Fast Order Entry Widget, allowing you to exclude restricted products from the lookup as the user types. Since restricted products are included in search results across the site, the default behavior for Fast Order Entry is the same. Now, however, you can choose to hide them with the 'Exclude Order Restricted Products' flag.




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    Guest Checkout and single use promo codes — Promotion codes configured to be valid only once per user were incorrectly able to be reused via Guest Checkout in some versions. This has now been corrected.
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    Product thumbnails missing from print layout — Some users printing their order via the Order Confirmation page were dismayed to find the product thumbnail images missing from the print layout. We've rectified that and everyone can print happily once again.

    (but not too enthusiastically... save a tree!)
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    Guest Checkout and bulky freight quotes — Sites offering quotes on bulky freight were finding that guest users couldn't submit freight quote requests the same way their logged in users could. This has now been fixed and all users can request freight quotes where the functionality has been enabled.
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    Price filter only applied to page 1 of products — An issue with price filtering was recently identified, wherein only the first page of products would have the correct price range applied to them. Once the user clicked 'Show More Products', the price filtering would no longer be applied and all products would return. This has now been fixed and price filtering behaves correctly.




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