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On occasion, website administrators may need to remove a user from the database completely. In this case, the user can be deleted via the Customer Self Service application.

Step-by-step guide

To Delete a User:

  1. Login as an Administrator
  2. Navigate to 'Accounts' --> 'User Maintenance' (zUsers.aspx).
  3. Search for the required user account.
  4. Select the user record via radio button.
  5. Click 'Delete'.
  6. When asked to confirm the deletion, click 'Yes' to delete the user, or 'No' to leave the user as is.
  7. If the user has active orders, then the system will display a message to that effect and you will not be able to remove that user's account.

There is a system setting to toggle whether a confirmation is requested when deleting a user. The setting is called 'Show Confirm On Grid Delete/Remove' and is found under the 'General' Tab in System Settings.