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MultiExcerptNameFeature Overview
Commerce Vision's CSS websites include an out-of-the-box Article functionality that can be used in various scenarios. Whether it's latest news, blogs, or FAQs, our article system can help you present fresh content and communicate more effectively with your customers.

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Article Types


Article widgets are used to display your article content on the website. There are 3 main templates related to articles, each containing various widgets. You can edit these templates to suit your site's requirements. 

  1. Article List Page - the template for the list page which displays all articles of a defined type. 
  2. Article List Item Zoned - the template for the individual articles displayed in the list. 
  3. Article Page Zoned - the template for the full article (the detail page the user sees when they click to 'read more'). 

Each of the above templates uses various widgets to display the article content. For example, your article page zoned template might have the following widgets: 

You can drag and drop these widgets to rearrange them into a different order, if you wish. Or if you want to get really creative, you can use the Custom Layout Creator to customise the look and feel of this page completely. 

To access any of these templates and configure the widgets therein, navigate to Content → Standard Pages and select the Article tab.
Click Design on the template you wish to update, then add / edit / remove widgets as required.




You can also add an Article List widget or an Article Slider widget to any custom page. In this case, the 'Article List Page' template would not be referenced.