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titleFurther Customisation

To change the text on the 'Track Order' button on the Order History screen:

  1. Navigate to 'Content' --> 'Resources' (or 'Resource Maintenance')
  2. Search for 'rcOrderSearchTrackLabel'
  3. Click 'Modify' 
  4. Update the 'Resource Value' to the required value (the default value is 'Track Order').

To change the format of the tracking link:

  1. In Resources, search for 'rcOrderTrackingLinkTemplate'
  2. Click 'Modify'.
  3. Update the 'Resource Value' to the required format.
    The default format is '<a target="_blank" class="TrackOrder" href='{0}'>{1}</a>' . The first parameter (i.e. {0}) is the carrier-specific URL to call, and the second (i.e. {1}) is the button text configured above ('rcOrderSearchTrackLabel').