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CV Connect is the documentation portal for Commerce Vision's Customer Self Service eCommerce Platform, a fully integrated B2B and B2C eCommerce Platform.

Customer Self Service eCommerce Platform's deep ERP integration supports complex business processes like pricing logic, stock security, and PunchOut capability.

To find out more, please visit our main website: 

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New to our eCommerce Platform or just looking to expand your knowledge?

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Features Reference List

Trying to achieve a business objective?

We have compiled a reference guide centring on how our Customer Self Service helps you achieve your business objectives. You can quickly filter to find feature overviews  . Each overview is linked to more detailed knowledge base articles so that you can drill down for more information.  Click here to access

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the new HTML Text editor not loading properly?  

Have the old version's files and images been cleared from the browser's cache? If no, here is Here's how to do it.

Why are stats from the Google Analytics Report


different from those in my Commerce Vision



Ever wonder about the differences in the two reports for your site traffic stats? Learn how to read and compare the two reportsHere's the answer.

Quick Help Videos

Sometimes it's just easier to SHOW something rather than try to explain it!  We take you through some of our more frequently-asked questions with quick 2 minute 'How-tos'.

Find them here

Release Notes

Enhancements and Fixes

  • Latest release notes: 4.23; CMS 1.21.
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