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In an effort to reduce fraudulent activity on the web, a new check is possible for online credit card payments. Credit card orders over a threshold dollar amount (which you can set), will be held until the user can verify the card is theirs.

For each order, the total amount payable is split into 2 separate charge amounts on the credit card.  The user has to verify one of the charge amounts for the order to be released and integrated to the ERP.

Subsequent orders by the same user (or customer) will not be subject to verification once the initial payment has been validated.

You can set your own variables for: Total order threshold, Payment split percentage, Number of attempts, and How long the order remains valid.


Credit Card Verification functionality is available for sites running version 4.05+ and using eWay as their payment gateway.


Implementation Options

There are various settings to be configured for your site, all of which will be handled by your Implementation consultant. Some to consider: 

Once this functionality is enabled, a new Credit Card Verification page is available to administrators. Here they can manage outstanding orders and follow up any that have not been verified. 

A new confirmation email template for these verification orders is also available with the feature. The user can click a link within the email to verify their charge amount, or login to the website and do it there. 




Due to the number of options and complexity of implementation, this feature is set up on your behalf by Commerce Vision. If you're interested, please get in touch!


Additional Information

Points to note

  • Guest Checkout users will always trigger a verification request if their order is over the threshold amount. 
  • If the user has several orders on hold at once, they will all be released together when the card is verified. 
  • Orders that are abandoned will need to be managed with the payment gateway (eWay) to organise a refund to the credit card.

Credit Card Fraud Validation

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Site must be using eWay payment gateway

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Ballpark Hours From CV (in addition to any self config required)

Contact CV Support

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