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This feature requires consultation with Commerce Vision. For sites on 4.37+.

This feature automatically sends an email invitation to specified new customer users in your ERP to activate their online accounts. 

The system creates a new user account for applicable customers, sets their status to 'pending activation', and sends an invitation email to the contact email address. The email contains a time-sensitive activate account link. Clicking on it takes the user to your website, where they are asked to enter a password. Once they have done this, their account will be activated. 

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If the activate account link expires before the user activates their account, administrators can re-send the email invitation by going to Website Users in the CMS and looking up the user. There is a resend email button next to the user and in their Edit User page.

Prerequisites for the invitation:

  • Consultation with Commerce Vision is required to identify valid customer users.


On this page:

Table of Contents

Enable and configure the feature

This step may have been done by Commerce Vision.

  1. In the CMS, go to SettingsSettings → Feature ManagementUser

  2. Ensure User Accounts is enabled, then click Configure

  3. Scroll down to the 'Invitation to Account Activation Email Settings' section.

    • Enable Invitation to Account Activation Email - Toggle ON to enable the feature.
    • Email Timeout (Hours) - how long before activate account link in email expires. Default: 24 hrs
    • Invitation to Account Activation Email Subject - Subject of invitation email

  4. The system sends the invitation email through a scheduled task. In Task Options, set or edit the send email schedule. 

    • Task - pre-filled scheduled task name. Cannot be changed.
    • Name - task description
    • Is Active - toggle ON to enable task
    • Occurrence - how often to run task 
    • Start - start date/time of task
    • Period (in minutes) - (for 'Repeat' occurrence only) - run task every X minutes
    • Active Hours Start (leave blank for all day) - time task starts running each day. Leave blank to run all day.
    • Active Hours End - time task stops running 
    • Pre Stored Procedure - (should be pre-filled by Commerce Vision). 
    • Post Stored Procedure - (should be pre-filled by Commerce Vision). 

  5. To save your settings, click Save or Save & Exit.

Customise email template

The email content of the Invitation to Activate Account email template can be edited.

  1. In the 'Invitation to Account Activation Email Settings' section, click Invitation to Account Activiation Email Template.

  2. Scroll down to the Invitation to Account Activation Widget. 

  3. Edit widget as needed. See: Account Activation Email Content Widget.

Resend expired email

Administrators can resend the invitation email to users whose activate link has expired and whose status is still 'pending activation'. 

  1. Go to UsersWebsite Users.

  2. Use the Search tool to find the user.

  3. A user with a 'pending activation' status displays a Send Invitation Email button. Click to resend the email.

The resend Email button is also available while the user's Edit User page.



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