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Website Administrators use the OCI Punch-out allows customers that use procurement systems to access your site's catalogue and return the cart to their procurement system.

Questions Website Administrators ask customers when queried about punch-out:

Use these questions in this document when considering adding capabilities to their Commerce Vision powered website to allow access via Procurement Punchout by their customers. 


  1. We support multiple Punchout functionalities through Customer Self Service; what is the punchout technology that is to be utilised?
    • OCI (support for OCI 4.0) – This is typically used by SAP systems
    • cXML (support for CXML 1.2) – Generally for non-SAP based systems
  2. How will the products be accessed by the customer?
    • Will they be accessing a custom catalogue or the global catalogue?
    • Is there mapping required between the Unit of Measure utilised by the customer system and yours? For example the customers system they are punching out from uses ‘Each’ whereas the CSS website uses ‘Pair’
    • Is there mapping required between Product Codes? For example does the customer’s system use product code ‘A’ which is referencing product code ‘B’, or is the mapping relationship the same.
  3. Will there be differences in pricing or product availability based on location?
    • In some cases, the pricing, availability and product types can differ depending on office, location and region. Is this required? For example Perth may only be able to purchase red shirts whereas Sydney may only be able to purchase blue.
  4. Is there an existing testing environment available?
    • Can their ERP connect to the staging environment? - Although testing can be done by manually logging in, when punching out the interface may be different - therefore testing is required. 


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