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For classic sites not utilising our BPD framework, CSS uses Templates to customise the order confirmation email sent to users on submission of a new order. Such templates override the default generic email, with an appearance that can be fully customised to your business needs. Email templates can be set at either the role or system level; role-based templates take precedence over system level templates. 

Step-by-step guide

To Enable Template-based Email Confirmations: 

  1. Create the new Template:
    a. Login as an Administrator.
    b. Navigate to 'Content' --> 'Content Editor' (zTemplateSwitch.aspx).
    c. Click 'New'. The Content Editor dialogue window should now be displayed with the 'Properties' tab pre-selected.
    d. In the 'Template Type' drop-down list, select 'Email Template'.
    e. Enter an appropriate name in the 'Template Name' field.
    f. Likewise, enter a description in the 'Template Description' field.
    g. Click the 'Save & Close' button. This will close the dialogue window, with the newly-created template displayed & selected in the grid.
    h. With the new template still selected, click 'Content Editor'; the dialogue window will again open, but this time the actual 'Content Editor' tab selected.
    i. Enter the content to be displayed in the email.   
    j. Click the 'Save' button.

    In order to display user- or order-specific information in an email (e.g. the user's name, the order number, or product details), special template Tokens are required. These tokens act as a place-holder within the template, being replaced with the required data content once the email is sent. We recommend contacting our Support Team for assistance in obtaining the correct tokens for your needs.

    The data that can be accessed via tokens is vast, but can essentially be categorised into:

    -Order Header
    -Order Lines
    -Product from each order line

  2. To Assign the Template at Role level:
    a. Navigate to the 'Accounts' --> 'Role Management' (zRoles.aspx).
    b. Select the required Role via radio button; the 'Role Details' tab will load.
    c. Click the 'Templates' tab.
    d. Click 'Modify'.
    e. Set the value for the 'Order Confirmation Email Template' by selecting the new template from the drop-down list.
    f. Click 'OK' to save.

  3. To Assign the Template at System level:
    a. Navigate to 'Content' --> 'Assign Default Templates' (zAllocate.aspx).
    b. Click 'Modify'.
    c. Set the value for the 'Order Confirmation Email Template' by selecting the new template from the drop-down list.
    c. Click 'OK' to save. 



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