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  1. In the CMS, navigate to Campaigns & PromotionsCampaigns

  2. Select the campaign that you'd like to import products to. 

  3. Hover over the Options menu and select Import Products.

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  4. On the import page, click 'Download Example Template'. This will give you a sample .csv file in the correct format. 
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  5. Open the .csv file and paste your own product data into the ProductCode column.

  6. Drag the campaign description down for every product row in your file.

  7. Nominate a product sequence (optional). If you leave this column blank, the products will simply import in the same order as they appear in this file. 

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  8. Save the file somewhere, keeping the .csv format. 

  9. Next, set the Import Type using the dropdown: 
    • Append - adds the products on your file to any existing products in the campaign
    • Overwrite - replaces any existing products with the ones in your file

  10. Click 'Select files..' and browse to your saved file. 

  11. Once you select the file, the import starts automatically. 

  12. A notification will let you know whether the import was successful, and any errors / warnings will display in the Import Log

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  13. That's it! 


A) export a list of all products from all campaigns via the main 'Campaigns' page

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B) export a list of all products from a single campaign via the 'Edit Campaign' page 

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The export option will output a list of campaign products in .csv file.