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Want to upload multiple files? Edit images? Drag and drop files from your PC into your website's file directory?

With our new File Manager, you can!


You'll notice File Manager as a new item on your CMS main menu. We placed it here so that you can access it no matter where you are in the CMS.

It will open in a popup window, meaning you don't have to navigate away from the content you're working on. Sweet. 


Functionality includes:

  • Upload multiple files, including drag and drop from your local directory to the CMS
  • Create folders

  • Rename files & folders (latest version of 3.97 and up only)

  • Delete files & folders

  • Download files to your PC

  • View File info

  • Cut / Copy / Paste files & folders (latest version of 3.97 and up only)

  • Edit images - Crop, resize, flip, and more.

  • View modes - List and Thumbnail

    List viewThumbnail view

    File Manager List View

    File Manager Thumbnail View


    Additional Information


    Minimum Version Requirements




    Self Configurable


    Business Function


    BPD Only?




    Ballpark Hours From CV (if opting for CV to complete self config component)

    Contact CV Support

    Ballpark Hours From CV (in addition to any self config required)

    Contact CV Support

    Third Party Costs


    CMS Category


  • Coming soon - zip & unzip files..... 


We hope you love the new File Manager as much as we do!