Azure Integration Dashboard allows administrators to view the list of logic apps and their integration run histories, edit a run schedule, trigger an immediate integration run, view/copy the JSON code, and disable a logic app.

Access a Logic App

To view a logic app and its details:

  1. In the CMS, navigate to SettingsAzureIntegration Dashboard.

  2. The Azure Logics Apps page lists all logic apps for your site and whether they are currently enabled.

  3. To access a logic app, use the Search to find the required logic app and click Open

  4. The Operations page shows the logic app's details and run history. 
  5. You can filter the run history by status and/or date/time to view specific instances.  

On this page:

Trigger integration immediately

Integrations are usually triggered on a schedule. However, you can trigger one manually.

Sandbox testing

If you are on the stage site, you can trigger an integration for sandbox testing.  

To trigger an integration:

  1. In the Operations page for the logic app, click Run.
  2. If successful, you will be alerted with a popup notification. 

Edit Run Integration Schedule 

When this logic app was implemented on your site, a recurring run schedule was set up. The run schedule can be edited.

To edit the run schedule for a logic app:

  1. In the Operations page for the logic app, hover over Options, and select Edit Schedule.
  2. Frequency and Interval work together to create the time unit of recurrence. For example, 'Day' + '1' means run each day. 
  3. In At these hours, tick one or more hour units, to determine the hour(s) integration will run.
  4. In At these minutes, enter one or more minute units (0-59) the integration will run. Units must be comma-separated, e.g., '0,25,45'. Default:'0' - runs on the hour.
  5. To pause or stop the schedule from running, toggle ON Delay start.
  6. To save the updated schedule, click Update Schedule.

View/copy from JSON code

The JSON code contains the schema for the logic app's workflows. It may be useful for viewing what the payload (data) is, and how it has been defined and validated. NOTE - The existing code must not be changed without consultation with Commerce Vision.

To view the JSON code:

  1. Hover over Options for the logic app, then select Copy from JSON.
  2. Go to Logic App JSON Code.

Disable a Logic App

To disable a logic app:

  1. In the Operations page for the logic app, hover over Options, and select Disable.

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