On occasion, Administrators might need to disable a user. Or the system locks out the user due to too many failed login attempts. The user remains active as a customer but they cannot login to the website. Disabling a user is different from deactivating a user. Users with active orders or orders awaiting their approval cannot be deactivated (made permanently inactive) but they can be disabled.

What are active orders?

Active orders are those that:  

1) have been submitted
2) are awaiting integration, or
3) orders awaiting approval.

When a disabled user attempts to login, a message displays to alert them that they are restricted from logging in .     

Step-by-step guide

Administrators can manually disable a user in the CMS or while logged into the website as Administrator. The system will also disable a user for too many failed login attempts.

Disable/enable user in the CMS

To disable/enable a user:

  1. Go to ECommerceUsersWebsite Users

  2. Use Search to find the user and click Edit next to them.

  3. Toggle ON/OFF Disable User Account.

  4. Click Save & Exit

Disable/enable user in Website User Maintenance

To disable/enable a user in User Maintenance:

  1. Logged in as Admin on your website, go to Accounts → User Maintenance (zUsers.aspx) or Advanced User Maintenance.

  2. Use the Search tool to find the user, then click the radio button next to them.

  3. Click Modify.

  4. Tick/untick Deactivate User Account as needed.

  5. To save the change, click OK.

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