Is this feature disabled?

This feature needs to be implemented for your site by Commerce Vision. For versions 4.37+.


Have you got products that MUST be sold in packs? For example, product XYZ has a Pack Quantity of 4. This means your customers can only buy XYZ in multiples of 4 (e.g., 4, 8, 12, and so on). When you enable enforce pack quantity, globally, this is enforced anywhere the product can be added to cart, when cart quantity is updated, and again at checkout. 

Do you want to enforce a product minimum quantity as well? Suppose your site has a super promotion for XYZ and the minimum purchase quantity is now 25. This means the minimum valid quantity will be '28'. A customer can only add a minimum of 28 to their cart. If they click + to increase quantity. it will go up by multiples of 4, e.g., 32. 36....  

When this feature is implemented by Commerce Vision, it is good to go. You just have to turn it on for each Role. You do not have to configure any other settings in widgets, unlike Enforce Pack Quantities. In fact, the widget settings are overriden.

Configure Settings 

1. Enable feature

In Settings SettingsOrders, check that Force Orders Lines in Pack Quantities is ticked.

2. Set for a Role

For each Role that pack and minimum quantities must be enforced:

  1. In AccountsRoles, select the role.

  2. Click the Functions tab.

  3. Set Disable Minimum Order Quantity to No.
  4. Click OK

For Roles that are not enabled for this feature, you can still use widgets to force pack order quantities to Cart. See:  Enforce Pack Quantities.

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