From time to time, we may rename widgets so they are more user-friendly or need updating due to changes in industry standards.

General name changes

  • 'modal' is now 'popup'
  • 'Auto Part Registration' is now 'B2B Registration' to better reflect their function
  • 'attribute' is now 'variant'

TIP - If you're trying to add a widget to a template, make sure you search with the new name. 

Specific Name Changes

Old widget nameNew widget name
Add This WidgetSocial Sharing Plugin
Alerts Email Alerts ListAlerts Email List
Alternates SubstituteAlternate Product Substitute Button
Article Alerts ModalAlerts Popup
Auto Part Registration Approval RequiredB2B Registration Approval Required Message
Auto Part Registration SubmittedB2B Registration Submitted Message
Auto Part Registration User NotificationB2B Registration Successful Message
Cart Delivery Options Store Click And CollectDelivery Options - Click And Collect
Checkout CSS Gift CardCheckout Gift Card Payment
Invoice Reprint PageInvoice Reprint
Login / LogoutLogin / Logout Link
Login Logout ModalLogin / Logout Popup
Order Line Store Availability Click And CollectOrder Line Availability - Click And Collect
Order Line Store Availability Click And Collect StaticStatic Order Line Availability - Click And Collect
OrderAccountSwitchingMessage WidgetCurrent Order Account Switch Message
Post Code Validation ModalPostcode Entry Popup
Process Order Approval WidgetOrder Approval Status Message
Product AfterPay SummaryProduct Afterpay Summary
Product Attribute GridProduct Variant Grid
Product Attribute ListProduct Variant List
Product AttributesProduct Variants
Product List Attribute ListProduct List Variant Options
Product List AttributesProduct List Variant Selector
Product List Live Pricing ButtonProduct List Quick View Button
Product List Store Availability Click And CollectProduct List Availability - Click And Collect
Product Quick View ModalProduct Quick View Popup
Product Rating ItemProduct List Rating
Product Store Availability Click And CollectProduct Availability - Click And Collect
ProductCategory Product Summary WidgetSubcategory Top Products
Quick Order EntryQuick Order Form Lines
Stock Availability Notify ButtonNotify Me When In Stock Button
Stock Availability Notify PopupNotify Me When In Stock Popup
Third Party Login Registration FieldsSingle Sign-on Registration Fields
User For Customer RegistrationUser Debtor New User Details
User For Customer Warnings Email ContentUser Debtor Warning / Error

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