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DevicesAny deviceWorks on ipad, iphone, desktop etc
UsersRep Assignment

User can be attached to a single rep code or multiple rep codes 
Also supports masking of rep codes (e.g. 4% would allow a user to access all customers with rep codes starting with "4")

UsersPassword changeAbility for rep to change their password
CustomersSelect CustomerSearch customers by any field on the customer record. Selection screen can show any data from the customer record.
CustomersCustomer Info Page

Show any data from the customer. Examples are

  • recent sales data
  • address information
  • google maps
  • outstanding balances
  • territory information
  • marketing flags
  • warning notes
  • debtor follow up notes
  • no of ecommerce logins
  • no of ecommerce sales
  • no of ecommerce custom catalogues
CustomersCustomer Sales Data

Show any sales data from customer grouped by any dimension. Examples are:

  • sales by group
  • sales by class
  • sales by year
CustomersCustomer Sales GraphSales Graph last 12 months including comparison to budget
CustomersFilteringFilter customer selection by any field (e.g. only show open accounts, or only show closed accounts)
CustomerConsignment dataShows all products on consignment for customer (e.g. Display stock)
Customer NotesVisit NotesAllows for recording of visit notes against customer with bidirectional integration to ERP 
New CustomersCreate customer on the flyRep can create a COD customer on the mobile application. This will allow for a sales to be taken on the spot using credit card.
Customer record integrates back to ERP as COD account.
Rep SalesShow rep sales data

Show any rep sales info including:

  • sales by customer
  • sales by group
  • sales by class
  • sales by year
Rep SalesSales Graph12 month sales graph with budget comparisons
Rep InfoQuote AnalysisShow quotes taken and converted data by customer
Manager InfoQuote AnalysisShow quotes taken and converted data by rep
ProductsCategory BrowseBrowse products by category. Category structure can come from ERP hierarchy or e-commerce hierarchy
ProductsSearchSearch products. Search on any field using relevance based search engine (Lucene)
ProductsCustomer Item HistoryAutomatic generation of list of products customer has been purchasing allowing for easy selection of products customer is
purchasing regularly
ProductsProduct info

Show any info to do with the product including:

  • Item Code
  • Description
  • Notes
  • Customers Price and Discount (calculated using ERP price calculation rules)
  • Price rule used
  • Availability in local warehouse
  • Availability in partner warehouses
  • Availability nationally
  • Supplier availabiliy
  • Next PO due in information
  • Images
  • Class
  • Condition
  • Any field from stock-master
  • Any data from supplier information
ProductCost InfoHidden box to show cost and GP info. Data can also be masked so customer finds it hard to interpret
ProductsContract FilterFilter on items that are contracted to the customer
ProductsSortingSort product results by any field including warehouse availability
ProductsFilteringFilter product results on and product field
ProductsDisplayDisplay results using Tile or Grid view
ProductsStock SecurityObeys all ERP stock security rules
CataloguesCustom CataloguesFull support for custom catalogues
OrderingSingle ClickAdd to cart with single click - adds in pack quantity
OrderingRestricted productsProducts can be shown but restricted from ordering at a customer or global level
OrderingPrice OverrideAllow for price override with controls over variance from original price 
OrderingAlternative UnitsAllow for ordering in base or alternative units
OrderingDiscount OverrideAllow for discount override with controls over variance from original discount
OrderingPrice CalculationCalculate price using "G" and "M" functions - e.g. key in "G20" in the price field and auto calculate the price based on 20% GP.
"M" is for Markup
OrderingWarehouseOverride the warehouse at a line level
OrderingNotesAllows for notes and memo to be added with product add to cart
OrderingTemplate Orders

Allows for full template order (i.e. saved proforma order) functionality including:

  • add item to template
  • create new template
  • delete template
  • order from template
  • save current order as template
  • change sequence of products on the template

Hold Order

Put order on hold and resume at any time
OrderingQuotesChange order from order to quote (and vice versa)
OrderingOrder type defaultChange the default order type from normal order to quote
OrderingEditing order linesFull in line editing of lines - no need to drill down to line
OrderingData Capture

Capture any data on order complete - examples are:

  • Overide territory code
  • Change warehouse code
  • Part Shipments Flag
OrderingOrder Conclusion Actions

Allows for custom order conclusion actions. Examples are:

  • create contract records from order
  • put order on hold
OrderingForce customer referenceAllow customer based rule to force user to enter customer reference
OrderingMultiple delivery addressesSelect from multiple delivery addresses
OrderingFreightFull freight functionality same as e-commerce module
OrderingCheckout messagesPresent dynamically generated checkout messages based on customer or products in cart
OrderingMinimum order chargesAuto apply minimum order charges
OrderingSign on GlassAllow customer so sign any touch screen device
OrderingGEO Location TrackingTrack the GEO location and address of each time an order is submitted
OrderingPaymentsAllows for payment by credit card or place on account
Order SearchOrder SearchSearch all orders entered in ERP (not just mobile orders). Allow filtering by order status or order status groups
Order SearchInvoice reprintAllow for invoice reprint of completed orders
Order SearchCopy to current orderAllow details of previous order to be copied to current cart
Order SearchPaymentsTake payment against existing order
PromotionsMultiple PromotionsAllows for multiple promotions (list of products) to be created in CMS and shown to reps
CRMIntegrationBi-directional ERP Integration of CRM
CRMCRM MasterCreate new CRM Master data
CRMCRM MasterEdit current CRM Master data
CRMCRM NotesCreate and maintain CRM Notes
CRMCRM ContactsCreate and maintain CRM Contacts
CRMCRM TransactionsCreate and maintain CRM Transactions
CRMCRM ActivitiesCreate and maintain CRM Activities
CRM CRM AttributesCreate and maintain CRM Attributes
CRMHubSpot IntegrationIntegration of PRONTO CRM data to HubSpot
CRMMailChimp IntegrationIntegration of PRONTO CRM data to MailChimp
CRMPhotosTake photos with CRM transactions. Images can then be viewed using ERP Quicklinks
CRMQuote Follow upsAllow for quote follow up date to create a CRM Activity with notes
CRMMy ActivitiesShows reps all outstanding activities and when they are due
Rep Call CycleCall Cycle ScreenAllow for reps call cycle to be defined. Screen shows all customers to be visited on select day and in which order they
are to be visited
Quote ManagementQuote Conversion

Allow for quotes to be converted to:

  • Order
  • Contracts
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