The Report Generator feature permits certain Website Users to generate copies of reports they have access to. Report access is set by Role or a custom report group.

You can only view and generate reports you have been granted access to. Before generating a report, you'll be able to change how the report displays (order of sort and group fields), add notes, and change the report name.

Generated Report Features

A generated report:

  • does not edit the source report
  • has its own unique Id
  • is saved with a new file name
  • is only accessible by the user who generated the report
  • can be used with the Report Subscription feature (if source report was set as subscribable). See: Report Subscription.    

User Guide

Generate a report

If your Role(s) has access to the Report Generator, it will appear as a menu item in your Dashboard. 

On this page:

To access Report Generator:

  1. Log in to your website and click Dashboard.

  2.  On your Dashboard, scroll down to the 'My Pages' section and click Report Generator.

  3. By default, the Reports list displays all active reports you have access to. (Active reports are those marked as 'current' by Admin.) Find the report you wish to generate. You can search by name or scroll down the list. If you want to find an inactive report, tick the 'Show Inactive Reports' checkbox and click the Search button.

  4. For the report you selected, click the Edit Selection Report Criteria button. The Report Selection Criteria section is displayed.

  5. In Report Name, you can edit the name so it is more meaningful or easier to identify. Otherwise, the name of the original report will default.

  6. In Report Format, the dropdown list will allow you to select a pdf file download option instead of the default csv if this has been set by Admin. 

  7. The Search section contains the report's fields. Note - The availability of 'Search', 'Group By' and 'Sort By' fields for customisation will be different, depending on how each report has been designed. If options are available, select order preferences to determine how the generated report's data will be displayed.

  8. To generate the report, click the Generate button. The report will be downloaded to your computer. 

  9. Open the file to view it. 

  10. (optional) If this functionality is available to you and the original report, once the report is generated, the Subscribe button will be displayed. This allows you want to schedule a subscription task for the generated report.

    To add a subscription, click Subscribe. You will be taken to the Subscription screen. See Report Subscription help for details. 

  11. If you did not select to subscribe (Step 9), click Close when you have finished with the 'Report Generator' facility.

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