This guide outlines how to publish Articles, which can be displayed across various sections of the website, often in a 'Latest News' layout.

Step-by-step guide

To create an article: 

  1. Upload the required image files to the server via FTP. For further information, see Loading site content via FTP using FileZilla.
  2. Login in as an Administrator.
  3. Navigate to 'Content' -> 'Article Maintenance'.
  4. Click the 'Article Maintenance' tab.
  5. Click 'New'.
  6. Enter values for the following fields (any fields not listed below may be left blank):

    Article TypeArticleThis option should be available in the drop-down list.
    Alert NameArticle identifier/nameGenerally for Administrator use; this field isn't displayed by default.
    DescriptionA short description of your ArticleThis is normally the Article heading.

    The URL path required

    This should be formatted as "/required-url". This will ensure the URL of the Article is user and SEO-friendly, rather than the system default of '/ArticleView.aspx'.

    The URL Routing for Articles needs to be configured in order for this field to work correctly.

    Article Template


    If this article has additional content that needs to be rendered, create a new article template. (This field is only used by sites not on Best Practice Design)
    Article Text / HTMLActual Content of the ArticleThis is the content of the Article, displayed once the user clicks the 'Read' button on the front/news page.
    SummaryA short summaryThis content displays near the 'Read' button in Article list view. (Only available from version 3.74+).
    Article PostedThe Date of the PostThis is used for sorting purposes so that the latest posted appears first.
    Start DateStart Date of the ArticleThe article will automatically appear on this start date.
    Expiry DateEnd Date of the ArticleThe article will disappear after the end of this date.
    Article Image NameImage name including file path.This is the large image that appears in Article view.
    Thumbnail Image NameImage name including file path.This is the thumbnail image that appears in Article list view.
    Article Page TypeArticles - ArticlesThis option should be available in the drop-down list.
  7. Click 'OK' to save.
  8. Repeat Steps 4 - 6 as required to create additional Articles.

Article Display

To display the articles, create a template referencing the Article system. Refer to the sample code below.

(This step is only required for sites not using 'Best Practice Design'; BPD sites will utilise the Article widget and will not require a separate template.) 

Sample Code

Attach the data source Articles,Article.GetArticlesNotExpiredForCurrentUser(null,-1,2,"") with the sample code below: 

@foreach (Article article in Model.Articles) {
    <div class="news-item">

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