Widgets are handy little reusable modules that display content and user interface (UI) elements on your BPD website and emails. Our widgets use Razor markup language to access the database, fetch data and display it to the end user in a pre-styled output format.

For instance, BPD widgets are responsible for rendering:

  • Company Logo display
  • Add to Cart button
  • Product image gallery
  • Embedded video
  • Delivery address input

Example of Output

Core templates such as the Product Detail template can contain a dozen widgets or more. Other templates are much simpler and require only a widget or two.

Each widget is responsible for a particular bit of content, and has options that can be configured to customise the output. 

On the product detail page below, we can see 6 different widgets being rendered, just as they are laid out in the various zones of the page template. 

Widget Layout on TemplateWidget Output

Looking closer at the Product Title widget, you can see there are several options available to configure.

Widget Option ConfigurationResulting Output

Updating options on this widget will change the detail view for every product on the site - it's that easy.

If a widget does not find data to return for a particular page, it will simply hide itself (such as the 'Product Attribute List' widget in the example above).

 It's good practice to test changes on your Stage site first, before overhauling layouts in your live environment!


Need More Info?

CV Connect has documentation available on all BPD widgets, including their options and examples of use. Simply search our knowledge base for the widget you're after!  You can also access specific widget help while in a widget in the CMS. 

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