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The Outstanding Tasks Display widget allows you to display a quick indicator for your B2B users. At a glance, they can see how many orders are on hold, require approval, or are awaiting payment. 



This guide will walk you through the implementation of the widget for your own site. 

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1. Add the Widget

  1. In the CMS, navigate to Content → Theme Layout

  2. In the Zone: TopBar, click Add Widget.

  3. Search for and select the Outstanding Tasks Display widget, and click Add widget

  4. Edit the newly added widget. 

  5. Tick the options you wish to show counters for, based on the functionality your site uses: 
    • Orders awaiting payment
    • Orders on hold
    • Orders requiring approval
    • Orders requiring receipting

  6. Update the refresh interval if you don't wish to use the default (which is every 5 minutes). 

  7. Save.


2. Add HTML to Menu Labels

  1. Still in the CMS, navigate to Advanced Content → Menu Editor

  2. Select the B2B menu you wish to edit, and click Parent Items.

  3. Select the 'THEME_BPDTHEME01_Dashboard' item and click Menu Items

  4. In line with the widget options you enabled earlier, select a page that requires a counter and click Modify. (We'll do Orders On Hold for this example.)

  5. Update the Label for Navigation Pane field by appending the text with the following HTML:  <span class="menu-item-count orders-on-hold-count"></span>

  6. Click OK to save. 

  7. Repeat for other pages as required: 
    • Orders Awaiting Payment - <span class="menu-item-count orders-awaiting-payment-count"></span>
    • Orders On Hold - <span class="menu-item-count orders-on-hold-count"></span>
    • Orders Requiring Approval - <span class="menu-item-count orders-requiring-approval-count"></span>
    • Orders Requiring Receipting - <span class="menu-item-count orders-requiring-receipting-count"></span>

  8. Navigate to Settings → Cache Management, and click 'Clear Cache' to reset the Dictionary. 


Now you can login as a B2B user and see a handy counter in the Dashboard dropdown and page tiles! (thumbs up)





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