As you work to analyse and optimise your site’s performance, you may encounter page speed performance testing tools, like Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

If you test your site, you may feel discouraged to see a “fail”, but the reality is that almost all sites in Australia receive this result including,,,, and many more.

Commerce Vision understands the importance of page speed on your site’s user experience and we are constantly working to improve this. We are introducing next gen images in 2023 and have resources dedicated to continuous improvement.

Here are some practical ways you can help improve your page speed:

  1. Ensure you have upgraded to the latest LTS, which contains page speed improvements
  2. Apply Lazy Loading to "below-the-fold" home page banners and widgets
  3. Check you have optimised images for banners (especially for mobile display and SEO)
  4. Review Optimise your site for a better user experience and ask Commerce Vision to confirm the configuration for the JavaScript Defer and JavaScript Dependency feature.

Please feel free to contact to assist with any of these requests.

NOTE - If you make these changes, please be aware that Google’s PageSpeed Insights sources data from the past 28 days, so it will take at least that long to see any changes reflected in their tool. Remember also that the test results vary from minute to minute, making it difficult to get a consistent measure over time. Nevertheless, changes and improvements should be reflected as better scores, even if the overall result remains a “Fail”.

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