From version 2022.3, GA4 is available for selection in the CMS. The latest version supports Analytics' latest capabilities for tracking, remarketing and managing content through Google Services.    

We know just how critical Google Analytics with Tag Manager is for remarketing and reporting on many CV ecommerce websites. And yes, we know the deprecation date of Google’s Universal Analytics (v3) is just around the corner (1st July 2023).  GA4 (stage 1) is now available in 2022.3. The following events are supported:

  1. Add to cart
  2. Remove from cart
  3. Product list view
  4. Click product
  5. Checkout
  6. Product purchased

CV ecommerce - GA4 integration

  • Allows sites currently using UA to continue with UA data and collect (and use) GA4 data at the same time
  • Does not require CV site owners/managers to fully implement UA-to-GA4 data name and structure changes themselves 
  • Easy to implement migration plan

* Users of GA4 will benefit from understanding Google Analytics 4 and how its data, especially from enhanced ecommerce, is used with Google Tag Manager, for remarketing (Google Ads and personalised ads) and reporting.

Customers must make their own assessments of GA4 benefits for their reporting purposes. For more information: Introducing the next generation of Analytics, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) - Analytics Help

For integration to the CV ecommerce platform, see: Google Analytics 4