When a user logs into your website, they are taken to their default customer account. However, some users are associated with multiple customer accounts. They can switch to another account while logged in. When a user accesses Order Tracking from the Dashboard menu, you can decide whether they can see all orders from all accounts or just those for the account they are in. 

This does not operate from the PRONTO Bill-To structure. Accounts MUST be set up in the CSS Multi Customer area against the user.

This allows for more flexibility in control over the accounts.

See Drilling Down to a Sales Order from the Bill-To Account for details on setting this up.

Step-by-step guide

To allow multiple account users to view all orders:

  1. Login to your website and navigate to Preferences → System Preferences (/zPrefs.aspx).
  2. Click the Browse tab.
  3. In the Order Search Options section, tick the Include all MultiAccount Customer Orders checkbox.
    If this is not ticked, the Order History/Track Orders page will only include orders for the account the user is currently in.
  4. To save, click the Update button.

Additional Information

This functionality is not available where Live order enquiries are made, due to speed considerations with the ERP query. Only sites using standard order tracking can enable this function.

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