When a new B2C Website User registers on your site, the standard process activates their account after they submit the registration form. This means the user is able to immediately log onto your site, browse your products and services and make purchases. However, for extra security, you can add an email verification step to the process. The user remains inactive until they confirm email address ownership by clicking the link in the verification email sent after registering.  

For websites that allow Guest User checkout: This feature is not implemented for Guest Users who select to create an account when submitting an order. 

Step-by-step guide

1. Enable and configure B2C User Registration Verification

  1. In the CMS, navigate to SettingsFeature ManagementUser

  2. Ensure User Accounts is enabled, then click Configure

  3. Scroll down to the B2C Registration Verification' section.

  4. To enable the registration verification option for all self-registering B2C Users, toggle ON Enable B2C Registration Verification. (Note: you can set a Role as an Override for this setting if you prefer.)

  5. If you want the User to be notified their account is active after verification, toggle ON Enable Send User Notification Email. (Note: you can set a Role as an Override for this setting if you prefer.)

  6. In Email Timeout (Minutes), enter the amount of time (in minutes) the User has to click on the link after receipt of the verification email before it expires.   

  7. Do you want a specific staff member to be alerted when a User registers on your site? If you do, enter the email address in Notification Email Address. TIP - this option can be useful if a User registers and does not activate their account.    

  8. Do you want notification emails to the User to be sent from a specific email address? If you do, enter the email address in From Email Address. If left blank, the default send email address in the system will be used. (NOTE - you can set a Role as an Override for this setting if you prefer.)

  9. To save your settings, click Save or Save & Exit.

2. Customise Registration Verification email templates

When Registration Verification is enabled, three email templates become available in the Users submenu (ContentEmailsUsers):

  • B2C Registration Verification Notification Email - this template contains text for the alert email sent to the nominated staff member when a user registers (if an email address is entered in step 7 of the configuration procedure).  
     B2C Registration Verification Notification Widget 
  • B2C Registration Verification Required Email - this template contains text for the email sent to the user once they click Submit. It contains the verification link the user must click on to activate their account.
     B2C Registration Verification Required Widget
  • B2C Registration Verification User Notification Email - this template contains text for the email sent to the user once they have registered (if step 5 in the configuration procedure is enabled).   
     B2C Registration Verification User Notification Widget

Each template contains an email content widget for emails sent during the Registration Verification process. Click on the link to each widget for further help in customising each email message.

User experience

  1. When the User submits the registration form, they are alerted that a verification email has been sent.  

  2. The email they receive contains a link to verify and activate their account. 

  3. (i) If the User clicks on the link before it expires, they are taken to your site where a message confirms successful verification. 

    Their account is now activated and they can now login to their account.

    (ii) If the User clicks on an expired link, they will be alerted that they need to generate another verification email by clicking the provided link. 

    Clicking on the link will take them to a page where they can enter their email address and submit a request for another verification email. 

    Once submitted, a message confirms that the verification email has been sent.

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