This page describes how to amend a user's online order limits (requisition, order and approval) where the Advanced Order Approval system is used.

With Advanced Order Approval, users are given order limits for various order functions. For example, a user may have a 'Requisition Limit' of $999999.00, and an 'Order Limit' of $200.00. This user can submit orders up to $200 in value without approval, but any orders $200.01 - $999,999.00 will require approval. Approving users on the same Customer Code with an 'Approval Limit' greater than the order value will be able to approve the order. If there isn't a user with an appropriate approval limit for the order, an error message will be displayed to the User: 'Order cannot be submitted as there is no approver with the correct approval limit authority.'

Step-by-step guide

To Update a User's Order Limits:

  1. In the CMS, navigate to Users → Website Users
  2. Search for and Edit the required user.
  3. In the Customer Details section, update the dollar amounts for the user's Order Limit, Requisition Limit, and Approval Limit.

  4. If the user has access to multiple accounts, you may wish to update the limits for those as well. 
  5. Save & Exit.
  6. Repeat Steps 2 - 5 for other users on the account, including users who will have approval authority. 
For further information on Order Approvals, see Order Approvals.

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