Ever wished for a variation of a standard off-the-shelf CMS role? Perhaps your Customer Service team needs to set up website users in the CMS, but they don't require access to product maintenance and home page editing...

Roles with tailored role permissions can be set just as you require them. Contact Commerce Vision support to have them added. 

CMS Role Permissions

Some permissions are for a specific feature. These will not be available if the feature is not enabled on your site.  

Permission NameDescription
Allows access to CSS administration pages within the CMS portal
AddCmsUsersAdd CMS Users
ClearUserAssociationsClear user associations
DeleteCmsUsersDelete CMS Users
EditProductSubscriptionCan manage Product Subscription information
Edit the Updates.css style sheet file
EnableAzureMappingFilesMaintenanceEnable Azure Mapping Files Maintenance (only for sites with Azure enabled)
EnableLogicAppAdvancedMaintenanceEnable Logic App Advanced Maintenance (only for sites with LogicApp enabled)
EnableLogicAppMaintenanceEnable Logic App Maintenance (only for sites with LogicApp enabled)
EnableLogicAppScheduleMaintenanceEnable Logic App Schedule Maintenance (only for sites with LogicApp enabled)
MaintainCategoryProductsCan manage product all category information
Manage Content Deployment
ManageContentLockManage Content Lock
ManageAnalyticsAllow editing of website analytics and tracking settings
Create / edit / delete Articles
Maintain Article Types
ManageAzureOperationsManage Azure Operations
ManageBannersCreate / edit / delete Banners
ManageBannerTypesMaintain Banner Types
Create / edit / delete Campaigns 
ManageCmsUsersCreate / edit / delete CMS Users
ManageCostCentresCreate, edit and delete Cost Centres
ManageCssCachesClear caches in the CSS site
ManageCustomFieldsCreate / edit / delete Custom Fields
Create / edit / delete Custom Layouts
ManageCustomPagesCreate / edit / delete Custom Pages
Create / edit / delete Custom Widgets
Create, edit and delete dispute invoice reason codes
Allow maintenance of dispute invoice reasons
Maintain Feature Settings
ManageFlyersAllow flyer template configuration
ManageGoogleAnalyticsView Google-related menu items in CMS
ManageLayersCreate / edit / delete Layers
ManageLinkedSitesManage linked sites
ManageMediaMaintain images and files via File Manager
ManageOnlineDiscountsCan manage Online Discounts
ManagePaymentsCan manage Payments for Release
ManagePersonalisationManage Personalisation rules
ManageProductEdit Product information, excluding media
ManageProductDocumentsEdit Product information, including documents
ManageProductMediaEdit Product information, including media
ManagePromotionalCodesCreate / edit / delete Promo Codes
ManageRequestMonitoring Manage Request Monitoring and Restriction settings
ManageScheduledReportingAllow maintenance of scheduled reporting
ManageReturnReasonCodesAllow creation, editing and deletion of return reason codes
ManageReturnReasonsAllow maintenance of return reasons
Allow maintenance of scheduled reporting
Manage SEO Generation
ManageTableMaintenanceCan manage and view all Table Maintenance (only for sites with Table Maintenance enabled)
ManageTemplatesMaintain Standard Pages
ManageUserGroupCreate / edit / delete User Groups
ManageUserTwoFactorAuthManage User Two Factor Authentication
ManageWebSitesManage Websites
ManageWebsiteUsersCreate / edit / delete Website Users
ModifyCMSUsersModify CMS Users
OCan Enable/Disable Offline Mode
ProductFeatureSetupMaintain Product Features data
ProductVariantMaintenanceMaintain/edit Product Variants
SearchAnalyticsAllow viewing Search Analytics
SearchTemplatesSearch Templates for text or widgets
ViewCategoryInformationView category information only (no editing)
ViewCategoryProductsCan view category products information only
Can view Cluster LineType information only
ViewContentDeploymentView deployed content, including locked content 
ViewProductView product information (no editing)
ViewProductRestrictionsAllows viewing of product restrictions
ViewProductSubscriptionCan view Product Subscription information
View the Style Guide menu items 
ViewTableMaintenanceCan view Table Maintenance only (only for sites with Table Maintenance enabled)

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