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This feature needs to be switched on for your site by Commerce Vision. Implementation also requires consultation with Professional Services.


Create custom email notification templates with the Generic Email Notifications. Each template is linked to a notification type so keeping track of them and testing them is easy.  

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Step-by-step guide

1. Enable and configure feature

  1. Go to SettingsSettings → Feature ManagementContent.

  2. Ensure Generic Email Notifications is enabled, then click Configure. 

  3. Configure Generic Email Notification Settings.

  4. To enable this feature on your site, in General Settings, toggle ON Enable Generic Email Notifications.

  5. In Default Email Subject, enter a default email subject for generated emails.

2. Add a Notification Type

  1. Go to the Notification Types section.

  2. Click Add Notification Type.

  3. In Notification Type, enter a description of the email notification type.

  4. In Email Subject, enter the email subject for the notification type.

  5. Click Save.

3. Specify Email Template

  1. Go to the Email Templates section.

  2. Click Add New Email Template.
  3. Create the new email template in the New Email Template popup. In Template Name, enter a unique name. It cannot be the same as an existing email template. 

  4. In Email Template to Copy, select an existing email template as a base. 
  5. Click Save. Once saved, the new template Id (Identifier as a guid) can be copied to clipboard. NOTE - The use of the Id is for Commerce Vision implementation.

  6. Edit the template as you need. Created templates are stored in ContentEmailsMisc. But they can be accessed directly by clicking Edit Template next to the email template name.

    TIP - Email templates created here can only be accessed if this feature is enabled.

4. Test Email Template (optional)

If this email template comes with an attached document, e.g., a quote attached email, it cannot be tested using the Test Email feature.

Once you are in the email template, you can test it. 

  1. Click Test Email
  2. In To Email, enter the email address of the recipient who will receive this email. 
  3. In Notification Type, if not filled, enter the name of the notification type (exactly as in the Notification Type field when it was created). 

  4. Template Data should have been filled already.

  5. Click Send Test Email.

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