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The Givex gift card integration connects your Commerce Vision website with Givex software, allowing your customers to purchase and redeem Givex gift cards. Critical integration points are supported to provide a seamless experience for your customers and you, the merchant. Once set up with  your Givex API credentials, data calls between your website and Givex handle new card purchases, card redemptions and balance checks by customers. Givex stores and handles gift card holder details, fulfilment, and card balances.

For more information about Givex, contact Givex.

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Buy a gift card

If your site has transitioned from using the out-of-the-box Commerce Vision gift card feature or the product of another third party provider, how Givex gift cards function and display on your site does not change much for your customers. They are simply buying a gift card from your store and using it as payment just like before. Givex e-gift cards can be customised to display your branding and preferred styles.

After choosing the card value, on clicking Add to Card, Gift Card information such as recipient details, delivery date and a message is added through Givex's Gift Card Information form. 


Labels for the Givex form are edited in the Product Add to Cart Widget.

Check gift card balance

The Gift Card Balance Widget is usually added to the Cart page. It allows users to enter a Givex gift card number and pin to check the balance.

Use a gift card to pay

This panel displays in Checkout. It is rendered by the Checkout Gift Card Payment Widget

Step-by-step guide

These steps may have been completed during the implementation process.

1. Select Givex as gift card provider

To select Givex,

  1. While logged into your website, go to SettingsOrdersCredit Cards.  

  2. Scroll down to Gift Card Provider and select Givex.

  3. Click Update.

2. Configure widget settings (optional)

These widgets are used by the Givex gift card feature. You can edit label and button texts that display for the user.


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