Widget Use

Renders the cost centre input field on the order header in the shopping cart. 

NOTE - This widget only renders if Header Level Cost Centre setting have been enabled.

Example of Widget Use

Where can the Widget be placed?

The widget can be used in the following templates:

  • Cart

Widget Options

OptionUseCommentsAvailable from Version
DescriptionA short description of the widget's use.

This description is added to the widget title. It makes the widget's use clear on the template page.

LayerThe layer the widget is valid for.

Use layering to limit widget content to certain groups of users. 

To use the same widget for more than one user group but with different options set, add the widget as many times as needed in the same zone. Then add layering to define the user group each time. 

Cost Centre CodeHeading for cost centre input field.Default: Cost Centre Code4.37
Heading IconIcon displayed next to heading.Default: cv-ico-general-text4.37
Input Placeholder TextPrompt for user.Default: Enter Code Here4.37
Apply Button LabelText on button to use entered code.Default: Apply Code4.37

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