Widget Use

Renders the Newsletter subscribe box, which integrates to MailChimp. Also supports API 3.0

Example of Widget Use

Where can the Widget be placed?

All templates. (Most common placement: Home Page template)

Widget Options

OptionUseCommentsAvailable from Version
DescriptionShort description of the widget's use.This description is added to the widget title. It makes the widget's use clear on the template page.All
LayerLayer the widget is valid for.

Use layering to limit widget content to certain groups of users. 

To use the same widget for more than one user group but with different options set, add the widget as many times as needed in the same zone. Then add layering to define the user group each time. 

TitleLabel for the email input box.Default: NewsletterAll
Email Address PlaceholderPlaceholder text for prompt in the input box.Default: Email AddressAll
Subscribe Button PromptText displayed on the Subscribe button.Default: Sign UpAll
List IDThe Mailchimp list user email addresses are added to.
Show Unsubscribe?Whether to display an unsubscribe link.

Default: OFF

Toggle to enable

Unsubscribe Button PromptText on the Unsubscribe button.Default: UnsubscribeAll
Subscribe Success MessageMessage displayed to the user after successful newsletter subscription.Default: Thank you for signing upAll
Email Address Is Empty MessageMessage displayed if user clicks the Subscribe button with no email address entered.Default: Please enter an email addressAll
Invalid Email Address MessageMessage displayed if user clicks the Subscribe button with an invalid email address entered.

Default: {0} is not a valid email

{0} - placeholder for the entered email address.

Error Subscribing MessageMessage displayed to the user if subscription is unsuccessful.Default: We can't sign you up at the moment, please contact us directly if this issue persists.All
Unsubscribe Success MessageMessage displayed when the user has successfully unsubscribed.Default: We have removed you from our listAll
Error Unsubscribing MessageMessage displayed if the system was unable to unsubscribe the user successfully.Default: We can't unsubscribe you up at the moment, please contact us directly if this issue persists.All
Display Field Group Headings

If custom fields for collecting extra user details to be sent to Mailchimp when a user subscribes, whether to display headings above the fields.


  • Custom fields must have been implemented by Commerce Vision.
  • For use with Mailchimp API  3.0

Default: ON

Toggle to disable

Error Subscribing Transactional Message

Transactional members are registered users who are registered on your site but are not subscribers for marketing emails. A transactional member must confirm their subscription via a Mailchimp popup. 

NOTE - This signup form needs to created in Mailchimp form builder.

Default: This email is already registered but not subscribed yet. Would you like to receive occasional promotional material and information? Please click <a href='{0}' target='_blank'>here</a> to sign up.
Subscribing Transactional Member LinkSignup form URL from Mailchimp for a transactional member to subscribe.

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