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User Debtor Integration allows for 2-way integration between certain Website Users and PRONTO debtors. On your site, these Users are typically the B2C Roles but can be custom-defined B2B ones as well, depending on your business needs. The integration process ensures that when Website Users matching your User Debtor criteria registers an account, a corresponding PRONTO customer will also be created. Likewise, a new PRONTO debtor customer will trigger the creation of a linked Website User. Integration also extends to User and customer updates. For example, if a User changes their shipping address online, their PRONTO customer record will also be updated.

User Debtor Integration is primarily of use to our clients with physical, brick and mortar shopfronts that use an ERP as well to maintain customer records. It ensures customer experience is synchronised and consistent across the various retail channels. Order history is maintained, communication is uninterrupted, and data is always up-to-date. This feature can also be implemented to cater for Users who are active in more than one Customer account so that their User records are always updated against specific Customers.


Due to complex field mappings between PRONTO and the website, it is not advisable to self-implement this functionality. If you're interested in User Debtor Integration for your site, please contact Commerce Vision for guidance. 

Example scenarios

1. Online to PRONTO

Any time a Website User that matches your PRONTO User Debtor criteria is created, a linked PRONTO customer will be created. 

    1. A new User registers on your website. 
    2. If their default role matches your User Debtor criteria, a new PRONTO account is automatically created. 
    3. The User logs into your site and updates their details (billing address, phone number). 
    4. On integration, the PRONTO record is also updated. 
    5. The User enters one of your physical store locations and makes a purchase. 
    6. At the point of sale, their email address is queried and the transaction is linked to their PRONTO customer account, ensuring order history data is complete.
    7. The User logs in and navigates to the Order History page. 
    8. All orders, both online and in store, are visible in the User's history. 

2. PRONTO to online

When a new PRONTO debtor customer record is created, it will trigger the creation of a linked Website User on your website.

    1. A new customer enters your retail location and makes a purchase, they are added by your sales rep, or their credit account application is successful, etc. 
    2. A new PRONTO account is created.
    3. On integration, a linked Website User is also created. 
    4. The new customer is sent an email advising them of their Website login details. NOTE - for Users against Customer accounts, if part-registration is active, the User must be approved before the registration process continues. 
    5. The customer logs in and can now: 
      1. update contact and delivery information 
      2. view Order History
      3. purchase online.   

Sample Emails 

New Web User Email - B2CWarning Email to Administrator (data conflicts)

Additional Information

Minimum Version Requirements



Commerce Vision Integrator version 4.63

PRONTO proledb version 3.11

Self Configurable


Business Function


BPD Only?




Ballpark Hours From CV (if opting for CV to complete self config component)

Contact Commerce Vision

Ballpark Hours From CV (in addition to any self config required)

Contact Commerce Vision

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