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Displays a product's current reviews, along with a link for the user to submit a new review.


Example of Widget Use

Following is an example of the widget in use:

Image Modified


Where can the Widget be placed?

The widget can be used in the following templates:

  • Product Detail Template


Widget Options

OptionUseCommentsAvailable from Version
DescriptionA short description of the widget's use.We recommended this field be updated so the widget's purpose is clear at a glance from the template page.All
LayerThe layer the widget is valid for.

The layering technology allows for the content to be shown to specific audiences.

This is handy if the content is only valid for a certain type of user, or if the same widget is required for more than one audience, but different configuration is needed.

The widget can be added to the zone more than once and the layer feature can determine which audience can see each widget. 

Show Write Review Button?Determines whether a button is displayed which links to the product review form. On clicking, the user is presented with a blank review form.

Default is: enabled

Untick to disable

Default Number of Displayed ReviewsThe maximum number of reviews displayed. If the number of reviews exceeds this value, a 'Read More' button will be displayed so the user can view all reviews for the product.Default is: 4All
Show Reviewer Location?Determines whether the reviewer's location is displayed in the published review.

Default is: enabled

Untick to disable

Show Admin Replies?Determines whether the admin's response is displayed below the review.

Default is: disabled

Tick to enable

Admin Reply SignatureThe signature text added to all review responses. 
Heading TextThe heading text displayed at the top of the widget.Default is: Customer ReviewsAll
No Reviews TextThe text displayed when there are no reviews for a product.Default is: There are currently no reviews for this product, be the first.All
Thank You TextThe confirmation text displayed when the user has submitted a review.

Default is: Thank you for your review of {0}.

Note - {0} is a placeholder for the product title

Write Review Button TextThe text on the Write Review button.Default is: Write A ReviewAll
Write Reviews Button IconThe icon displayed to the left of the Write Review button text.Default is: cv-ico-general-pencilAll
Submit Review Button TextThe text on the Submit button.Default is: Submit ReviewAll
Read More Button TextThe text displayed on the Read More button.Default is: Read MoreAll
Name PromptThe label for the reviewer's name field.Default is: NameAll
Email PromptThe label for the reviewer's email address field.Default is: EmailAll
Rating PromptThe label for the star rating.Default is: Overall RatingAll
Location PromptThe label for the reviewer's location field.Default is: LocationAll
Title PromptThe label for the review title field.Default is: TitleAll
Summary PromptThe label for the review content field.Default is: Your ReviewAll

Implementation Guide




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