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When the PRONTO server starts (after a reboot, for instance), it needs to read the start_proledb script in order to run the proledb program. The start-up script must be included in the S99pronto file.

To access S99pronto, you will need psd or root access.

The S99pronto file locations vary but will normally be in the /pronto/lib directory for AIX servers. For Linux the location can be /etc/rc.d/rc5.d
If you cannot find it, as the SU user (super user) in the root directory (i.e. '/'), run the following command 'find . -name S99pronto'.

Step-by-step guide

To Add the Start-up Script to S99pronto:

  1. Open up proclient.
  2. Enter in the 'IP address' of the Pronto box you are trying to access.
  3. Log in to Pronto using the psd or root user and password.
    1. After logging in if you remain in the shell window, type in prospl.
  4. Find the S99pronto file:
    1. cd /
    2. find . -name S99pronto -print
    3. Edit the file
    4. Enter the following two lines into the file:
      1. #Run the Commerce Vision driver 
      2. su commvisi -c "/home/commvisi/start_proledb"  
      3. (* replace /home/commvisi with the commvisi home directory)
  5. Save the file and exit.

Below is an extract from an S99pronto file for an aix server: