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To be able to drill down to sales orders from the account enquiry screen, the user needs to have access to both the Bill-To and the child accounts. 

If the following message is displayed:

"Requested Order not found. Please use Track Previous Orders page.
Order Customer record is not accessible for the current User"

the user has tried to drill down to an order from the Account Enquiry screen. For a user to be able to see an order for a sub-account, they need to have access to that sub-account.

Step-by-step guide

To Add an Account to a User:

  1. Login as an Administrator. 
  2. Navigate to 'Accounts' --> 'User Maintenance' (zUsers.aspx).
  3. Search for the required user.
  4. Select the record via radio button.
  5. Click 'Multiple Accounts'.
  6. Click 'New'.
  7. Enter the Customer Code to be added to the user.
  8. Click 'OK' to save.

Masking can be used to link to multiple accounts. For example, using the code VANDER% will link the user to all accounts starting with VANDER.

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