Is this feature disabled?

This feature needs to be switched on for your site by Commerce Vision. 


This guide is for use of non-PRONTO ERP systems only. For PRONTO, see Invoice Reprints (PRONTO).

They can do this online without your assistance in Pay Accounts by selecting the invoices, entering an email address, and clicking Send Reprint Request.

On this page:

Your Customer Experience

Your B2B user with Customer Account access logs on to your website. They access Pay Account (on the Dashboard navigation menu or via the quick access button.)

They simply search for the invoice or invoices, then click Reprint Selected.

In the popup, they enter their email address, then click Submit Reprint Request.


Step-by-step guide

Enable Reprint Settings

  1. In the CMS, go to SettingsSettingsFeature ManagementPayment & Checkout.

  2. Ensure Invoice Reprint Settings is ON. 

  3. Click Configure.

  4. Toggle ON Enable Generic Invoice Reprints.

  5. Click Save & Exit.

Edit Invoice Reprint Template 

To change text, labels and prompts on the page :

  1. Go to ContentPages & TemplatesInvoice Reprint Page.

  2. Click Edit for the Invoice Reprint Widget

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