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Encourage repeat business with a "thank you" promotion code. Once your customer buys the required minimum, they'll not only receive a % discount on the promotional product, but they'll get a NEW promo code emailed to them.
This means they can return to purchase more of the same products at the promotional price, without having to meet the minimum quantity again.

How do they work? 

  1. You specify the product(s), the discount, and the minimum qty required. 
  2. You spread the word about your nifty new promo.
  3. Your customer purchases the required qty of eligible product(s), and applies the promo code at checkout. 
  4. Your customer receives an order confirmation email as usual, but this one includes a thank you message and a new, randomly-generated promo code!
  5. The new code entitles your customer to the same discount on the same products, but they don't have to purchase the minimum quantity they bought the first time around.
  6. Your customer becomes a happy, repeat customer. (thumbs up)

The repeating discount promotion is no trickier to set up than a normal product discount promo. The only difference is the ability to specify the number of days the repeat code is valid for.  

You can either set the second promo code to be valid until the main promotion expires, or have the second code only valid for a set number of days from the customer's first order.

Follow this guide to set-up your own repeating promo code.


Step-by-step guide

Please be aware that there are also additional advanced options that you can configure for promotions.  They become available after the promo is created.  You'll find info on these under Advanced Options, later in this article.

  1. In the CMS, navigate to Campaigns & Promotions → Promotion Codes
  2. Click 'Add Promotion Code'.
  3. Set the promotion type to Product
  4. Once the available scenarios are displayed, select the 'Repeat Product % Discount' scenario.
  5. Enter the Promotion Code your customers will use at checkout. 
  6. Enter a Description. This will be displayed in the users cart and on their order summary. 

  7. Set the promotion's Start and End Dates
  8. Days Repeat Codes are Valid For
    • To have repeat promo codes expire when the main code does, leave this field at the default value (0). 
    • To set a shorter usage window, enter the number of valid days for the repeat code. Keep in mind that once the main code expires, so will the repeat code, even if the specified number of days hasn't passed.

  9. Enter the Discount Quantity Threshold. This is the minimum number of product your customer must purchase to be eligible for the initial promotion.
  10. Enter the Discount %. This is the discount they'll receive on the promotional products. 
  11. Define the Eligible Products, searching by either description or code. (Once you click 'Add', the description will be replaced by the code only).
    You can add products by: 
    • Individual Product 
    • Stock Group 
    • Category
      .. or a combination of the above.
  12. Click Save & Exit to finish creating your promo code.  


And that's it! Get the word out about your amazing new promotion, sit back, and watch the orders roll in.

When your customers redeem this promo code on an order, they'll receive the new, randomly-generated Thank You code on their Order Confirmation email. 


Customisation Tip

To update the message text in the email to your customer, navigate to ContentEmails. Select the Order Confirmation Email template, and Edit the 'Order Confirmation Promotional Code' widget.
Edit the text as required, but be sure to keep the placeholders which display the repeat promo's End Date, Code, and Description.  

Advanced options

Each promotion has several advanced options you may wish to configure. These can be accessed immediately after you create the promo, by navigating to OptionsEdit Advanced Options

Or if you're editing an existing promo, they'll be located in a collapsed section below the main promo details:

Misc Options

  • Status - Active / Disabled / Deleted
  • Applied To - B2C / B2B / Both
  • Criteria Fail Remove promo Code - automatically remove the promotion code from the cart when the contents get updated and requirements are no longer met. 
  • Not Applicable With Other Offers - prevents the code from being used on orders where other promotion codes are already applied.
  • Free Product To Be Added in Pronto - (for free product promos only) the free product must be manually added to the sales order once it has integrated to PRONTO. Only note lines containing the Promotion Code and Description will be added to the order if this option is enabled.

Usage Limits

You can set the max number of times the promo code can be used, either by an individual User, users on a particular Customer Code, or Globally (site-wide). Leaving these limits at 0 = unlimited use by all. 

From version 4.10+, you can also specify a user (or comma-separated list of users) who are permitted to use the promotion code. Any user not in this list will be unable to apply the promo to their order.


There are default messages set at the promotion code feature level, but these can be overridden for each individual promotion. Leaving these blank will use the defaults.

  • Promo Code No Longer Applies Message - The notification displayed when the promo code was previously applied, but the user has updated their cart contents such that they are no longer eligible for the promotion.
  • Promotion Code Error Message - The notification displayed when the promo code can't be applied. Perhaps the cart value is not high enough, or the user hasn't purchased the minimum quantity.
  • Promotion Code Applied Message - The notification displayed when the promo code is successfully applied to the user's cart.


Additional Information 

There are also additional advanced options that you can configure for promotions.  They become available after the promo is created. 

Minimum Version Requirements



This article assumes you've already got the Promotion Codes feature enabled for your website. If you haven't, please contact us to switch it on for you.

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